Sankarabharanam raagam

Sankarabharanam is 29th of the 72 raagas in Carnatic music. Some songs have a soothing and healing effect, and some others touch our soul.

These songs touch my soul every time I listen to them! The movie by the same name is a Telugu classic!

Other songs in the same raaga

Brochevaru evarura ->

Dorakuna intuvanti seva ->

When learning about music, raagas and how they can have a healing effect, I was surprised to know that this raaga has the power to soothe the turbulent mind and restores peace and harmony!

The music that touches our soul somehow has the healing effect that we need at that point of time in life! Sometimes it might be the words that inspire us, sometimes the tune, sometimes the singer. Irrespective of why we start listening, the songs and raagas do continue to have an effect and leave us transformed!

Think about what songs you like and what effect it has on you!

Am sure it would be making a difference!

One thought on “Sankarabharanam raagam

  1. Music definitely has a healing effect. Love this song Shankarabaranam.
    I love to hear songs in raagam Sahana. Somehow it mesmerizes me and I go in deep state of relaxation

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