Gardening – Radishes ready to harvest

In over 60+ days radishes planted outdoors are ready to harvest.

ready to harvest

Satisfying feeling to see radishes – ready to harvest 🙂

Thought I still had another week to go, but within the past week – the tubers started growing above the ground!

The leaves seem fresh and crisp!

Looking to harvest the ones with the bigger leaves and leave the ones with the smaller leaves for yet another week!

watering schedule

On days it did not rain, watered once every evening for two months.

What to make with fresh radishes?

  1. Eat it as a salad with ranch
  2. Radish leaves stir fry is quite tasty
  3. Radish in lentil gravy (sambar)
  4. Radish pickle (Gujarati variety)
  5. Radish Paratha (Mooli paratha) with curd tastes yummy!

Radishes help in retaining hydration levels, cool our bodies, aids in digestion, soothes sore throats!

Thankful for the simple things in life – as these are the most extraordinary!

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