Microgreens – Week #2

Last week I had started growing Microgreens in just water, to see the quality of the produce without soil. Sharing week 2 progress.

Day 4

Fenugreek sees on top and Coriander seeds in the bottom tray

While the top of the trays are covered with moist paper, the paper seemed to be getting stained when the sheets were drying up. All through the day, was trying to keep them moist.

On Day 4, I continued to keep the fenugreek seeds moist, whereas filled the coriander seeds bottom tray with water. Coriander seeds started showing growth from then on.

Day 5

Some seeds started sprouting and when I lifted the sheet, some of the seeds were sticking to it and needed to be carefully put back into the tray.

Decided to change the paper covering the trays for better growth.

Day 8

Replaced the paper covers with Tissue rolls. These seem to retain the moisture better. Changed the water in the coriander seeds bottom tray.

Starting to sprout

Fenugreek seeds have started sprouting and the roots are seen from the bottom of the tray!!!! WOW… feels good 🙂

For those who are interested to grow Microgreens with just water, you can read my previous post (Week 1) on the same.

Looking forward to next week!

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