Blood oranges (not Grapefruits)

I cut an orange from my home delivered groceries and was surprised to see the color inside. At first, I thought it was a grapefruit – but tasted much sweeter than sour. Realized it was a blood orange! I am a big fan of blood oranges now!

How did it look?

Normal oranges – look at the golden color inside
Blood oranges – look at the reddish tinge of the fruit inside

taste – sour or sweet?

It tasted sweet, so it was not a grapefruit and we did not know what to place it as.. pleasantly surprised looked into the varieties of citrus fruits.

Quick guide to citrus fruits

Picture courtesy – Farmdrop guide

are there more varieties to oranges?

Have tried most of them! Tangerines are to be eaten straight – have never tried to juice them though!

Very nice set of descriptions on the website above detailing the variety of oranges and their properties/uses. Would be nice to try all of the varieties at least once 🙂

blood orange fruits on trees

Some varieties seem to be lighter tinge of red compared to others! Depends on the place where they grow and the origin of the seeds maybe! The green leaf has a unique texture and special taste – good for tea!

Orange orchards

Oranges growing on trees

Typical orange orchard

Watching the distinct orange color fruit on the trees is a unique experience – especially for those who do not live in California or Florida – known for their orange farms!

blood orange – homegrown orchards

Interestingly, blood orange trees can be homegrown as well! Even in east coast, those who try to grow lemon plants indoors as potted plants, can grow blood orange in containers as well.

Smell of an orange is a powerful stress reliever!

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