Music for the soul

All of us have some song that touches our soul! We feel a connection somewhere deep within… sharing one such song that sets many of us on a different plane! It is a Kannada (Indian language) song shared with lyrics!

First time I heard this song, I was moved by Ananya’s pitch and in trying to emulate it, realized the depth of the emotion needed to be able to sing and garner that kind of emotion across millions of viewers!

Song starts at 1:06 minutes in the video

Mesmerizing! Music is truly and outburst of the soul

Usually a foreign language song captures our attention based on the singer’s voice, pitch, tune, background music, catchy phrases – we do not attempt to understand the meaning of it beyond a point!

However, for this song, later I got an opportunity to understand the lyrics. The video above captures the lyrics and meaning in English as well..!

What a simple concept to connect with Lord Shiva! Songs from villages and country music typically have simple lyrics filled with emotion that is reflected in the tune and voice of the singer! The way you call Him, the simple aspiration of decorating the Lord with jasmine flowers (first line) touches our heart in the way she sings it! Aspirations slowly grow into decorating Him with garlands… and moves on….. and slowly aspirations become conversations!

Anyone who can relate to the emotion cannot listen to this song without tears flowing or getting goosebumps! That reminded me of a verse from Shikshashtakam (that focuses on Lord Krishna). The verse and its meaning goes like this….

nayanaṁ galad-aśru-dhārayā
vadanaṁ gadgada-ruddhayā girā
pulakair nicitaṁ vapuḥ kadā
tava-nāma-grahaṇe bhaviṣyati

O my Lord, when will my eyes be decorated with tears of love flowing constantly when I chant Your holy name? When will my voice choke up, and when will the hairs of my body stand on end at the recitation of Your name?

Music goes beyond cultural boundaries and can trigger this kind of emotion in a person..!There are very few singers and fewer songs that trigger that kind of emotion in millions of people! This seems to be one of them!

Music brings balance to the mind, body and spirit

This song goes into the memory lane for me!

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