Activities to cheer you up

Every now and then, we tend to feel bad about the situation we are in, irrespective of our age. We need our scope of control back… but things are different now.. so, feeling sad is normal.. some tips to try when you are feeling sad…

Sometimes doing a different activity cheers us up and changes our perspective.. only focusing on that here…

  1. Video call your friends, family, relatives – someone whom you have not spoken to in a long time
  2. Plan and watch same movies and make up a quiz or challenge and discuss about it
  3. Cry over your homework (or work at home) together over a phone call or video call
  4. Help at-risk neighbors with groceries, while taking proper precautions
  5. Try cooking the same dish amongst your friends / circle and choose the winner
  6. Buddy up for daily workouts
  7. Plant seeds and compete over whose plants are growing and growing well
  8. Video game wars
  9. Share one stencil of an art form (like Mandalas, Warli art, Zentangle etc) and see who can make it best
  10. Reach out to your friends and see who is not connected with the group and ensure they are safe
  11. Look through your pantry and see what items can be donated to the local community pantry to help those in need
  12. Lip sync with actors on a new show (preferably a different language) and make up a story as you go
  13. Play charades over a video call
  14. Combine a variety of juices together and share how it tastes with your friends
  15. Setup a worst dish made contest or participate in one amongst your circle
  16. Write a blog about you feel
  17. Check on your teachers on their well being
  18. Play a musical instrument – plenty of notes available online
  19. Read a book aloud with your friends
  20. Play google doodle games
  21. Re-decorate your room / desk
  22. Make something to show your appreciation for your parents
  23. Try to carve a fruit
  24. Try Origami
  25. Pencil sketches are fun
  26. Color your desk
  27. Paint your room
  28. Make new curtains from your old clothes
  29. Try Ribbon embroidery
  30. Setup your yard
  31. Pick a book that you have never read before and see if you are able to read it now
  32. Make a list of your favorite books, games, movies, songs
  33. Check your emails and delete the old promotional ones taking up so much of space
  34. Sort out your pictures on your mobile devices and print few to hang them on your walls
  35. What is the best quote that describes you today – share that with your friends
  36. Watch an emotional movie or TV series and let the emotions flow
  37. … and so on 🙂

Some days go by just like that, some days are tough – just like life! There will be ups and downs. When you are feeling low or sad, the above will help you cheer up and get to see a different perspective. If you are continuing to feel sad, try to write down your emotions or talk to someone. It helps. Getting it out helps.. whichever be the form – talking or writing it down. Feeling sad and grieving is necessary to accept where we are and for us to move forward.

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