Survival mindset

Everyone around seems to be in a very different mindset. Understanding, relating and respecting the way the other person feels seems to be a challenge in today’s context.

Mental state of people in different places seems to be very different these days. Some partying over zoom video calls, some have the luxury of talking about variety of dishes being made, some seem to have choices, other seem to have lost it, some wanting their freedom to be revived, some dealing with human loss in their circle, some needing to plan for alternative guadianship as requested by the state, some hleping out those in need in whatever way they can, some cribbing, some maintaining positivity, some attempting suicide, good students failing and giving up, college kids wanting to discontinue their colleges if they are switching to online long term, some finding their purpose, some form of financial crisis in families, basically everyone wants to have their space and scope of control revived (whatever it was)… overall understanding each other’s potential perspectives and being respectuful of them while going through million emotions ourselves seems to be the case!

Corporates have started speculating long term work from home situations, job loss in the local communities, high end IT skill jobs, job portals for medical and delivery jobs driven by some of the states, it is a LOT to process and figure it out. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that works across countries and geographies! Being in different levels of progress on the COVID curve seems to have an impact on the attitude, mindset, opportunities, perspectives of people around.

Only one skill – skill to survive – both from a life and livelihood perspective and adapting ourselves to the change, by skilling ourselves up appropriately for both and maintaining safety seems to be the choice we are left with, while being respectful of the emotions of others.

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