People change people

During a dining table conversation, the topic comes up about who would be there when we need help? I was reminded of a story that I heard while growing up. Sharing what I learned and how I got to adopt it in life!

Once during a terrible storm, the city officials sent out a warning that the riverbanks will overflow and flood the nearby homes, and asked people to evacuate the city. One man who was faithful to God and prayed regularly heard this and said God would plan for a miracle to save me and decided to wait. Slowly, the city started flooding. Neighbors started driving out of the city in their car, and asked him to join them. He said, he would wait for God to come and save him and waited. After a few hours, a man in a canoe called out to him, and asked him to join him. He said the same thing again that he was waiting for God to come and save him. He stuck to the same when a police car came by to pick him up, and few hours later a man in a helicopter shouted out to him to save him. He did not listen and was waiting for God to come and save him. Shortly after, the floodwaters rose, and he drowned with the house. When in Heaven, he asked God, “I put so much faith in you, why did you not come?”. God responded – β€œSon, I sent you a warning. I sent you a car. I sent you a canoe. I sent you a police car. I sent you a helicopter. What more were you looking for?”

This story somehow stuck with me. God sends his helpers whenever we are in trouble, and those helpers are all around us. In fact, they are present amongst our family, friends, relatives, neighbors, communities, colleagues. They have all the answers to our questions, and are here sharing the same moment of life with us, to help us in our journey. It is we with our ego, pride, illusions, look to isolate ourselves when in trouble. If someone is in your life, talk to them. You will know why they entered your life and continue to be present in it during difficult times. Take any help offered from those who reach out – as they may be a voice of God trying to warn you, prepare you, console you, give you ideas, set you thinking differently, triggering a change, or doing something to pull you out of trouble! We do not always know what life has in store for us.. however, we should trust and believe that if we do positive things, good things come back to us! So, if you think who would be there when we need help.. reverse the question and ask yourself – how can you help someone during troubled times, without hurting yourself. The answer to that question will set you thinking about helping others, those who come together with a similar mindset, would always be there for you πŸ™‚ They are God’s helpers and you would have connected with them! These people change our lives in ways beyond our imagination! Think about all the difficult times you faced and who all came by to talk to you, check on you and help you… they are your helpers! There is a reason we meet and interact with every individual in life! Think about how you have evolved over years and every time you changed (or understood or realized something) who was there? Who helped you cross that bridge? Be thankful to them, and be there for them!

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