Support the medical professionals around you

Medical professionals need our help! We are running low on face masks for them.. let us get together and make face masks and send it to support our medical professionals in our local hospitals! When Forbes raised this awareness, called a few hospitals around to check if there was an immediate need and Yes.. we can help! Have collated all the articles about it in this page..!

For those in USA:

Joanns is sharing material for face masks (curb side pickup) – check with your local Joanns or order it online.

Do your local hospitals need any equipment or facilities – Check this link

Make a Face mask and other supplies donations -> link and type your state to find out

Are you an organization that needs to request face masks or other supplies – Update your information on this link

Designs – there are 3-4 designs that I ended up trying to do to conform to the standards. Sharing them below

The Basic CDC Design With Elastics:

Applicable to all around the world:

Fabric – 100% Cotton (New fabric or bleached old shirts, bedsheets, pillow cases, scarves, sarees)

Inner layer – cotton fabric, single layer or double layer or thin layer of cotton gauze fabric (white piece shown on the left side of the video)

Strings – Can be 7 inch strings on four corners, or elastic connecting the top and bottom edge (7 inches)

Sew the layers of cloth, attach the elastic/strings, create the foldings/pockets and sew!

Make and share with the medical professionals in your community – your community needs you! Do share pictures of what you have made! Will inspire others as well!

Join the Forbes challenge to make face masks –

Collated some heartwarming feedback from medical professionals:

Check with your children and neighbors if they have supplies, or if they can loan their sewing machines – every bit counts towards building a stronger community!

March 29th, 2020 updates: If you are looking to make the masks for the hospitals in your local cities, please call them and ask for what they would look to use. Hospitals are varied in their preferences for N95 masks, masks with pockets for filters and masks without pockets for filters (plain fabric masks).

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