Regain our Sundays

Somehow, we seem to have forgotten the concept of weekends and especially Sundays.

At office, someone quoted that Sundays no longer are days when we relax and rejuvenate. Saturdays get busy with house cleaning and chores at home, pending homework completion, catching up on whatever we have missed during the week. So, what happens to Sundays then? Wake up late, eat breakfast and lunch – more realistically brunch and then the anxiety for the next week starts building up.

We want to be prepared for the upcoming week (unlike the previous week).. every week same story. Is it ironic!

Sunday used to be the days when we catch up with our friends and relatives, talk to each other, meet each other, work on what we personally like to do in life, take time out for ourselves, spend time with our family and catch up on what is happening in each other’s lives.

Now Sunday is a day, when we are extra stressed because our work from the previous week spills over, we want to be prepared for the next week so that we do not get tensed, and in the midst of it all, what do we end up doing? We end up allocating more of our personal time to “work”, removing the work-life-balance concept out of our lives.

How does it impact? We do not have time left in our busy schedules to pursue what we want to pursue in life. No time for our life goals, no time amidst the busy schedules for us to rest and rejuvenate ourselves. No time to ponder on our choices and revise them as needed before it is too late. How does too late define itself and makes us realize it is too late? Yeah.. fair question – we end up losing our health, we end up losing our job, financial crisis, kids not listening to us, spouses do not understand us anymore to support us through our aspirations as we seem to have changed pursuing “work”and äspirations” so much that there is no time to bring the rest of the folks in our lives onto the same page. And one fine day, on a hospital bed, or through a depressive state, we end up thinking back on our choices. Was it all worth it.. and where did we go wrong?

For those of you who watch 7th Heaven (used to air 20 years back… watch the Season 7 – Episode 11 – Sunday. The episode does justice to the topic of what we end up losing in the long term.

Personally, it has been a difficult run for the past few months, however, I made it a point to not think about work or anything else this weekend. Only focus on doing things I like and resting my mind – no background thoughts! Yes. This was in my control. The world around me might be chaotic, but what I can control is my mind and how I choose to react to the situation. I chose to regain back my Sundays.

So, what did I do with the time at hand? Connected back with college friends and chatted over a whatsapp group, pure fun-loving conversations, connected back with my school friends – felt great! Spoke to some of my neighbors and listened to them. Speaking to few families made me realize, my challenges were not big – theirs were bigger than mine. Some were undergoing a surgery, some of them were filing for a divorce, some of them had moved back to live with their parents, some of them were protesting for a change in the community, some were dealing with a financial crisis, some of them were anticipating a huge crisis on the work front. When I asked one of my friends what can I do to help… her statement made me wonder – Just talk to me and give me moral support! Thats all I need at this point..! It felt profound…! Me and my sunday made a LOT more sense when we build real relationships on the ground and stay connected in the true sense with those who are part of our lives!

Let us regain back our Sundays and make a difference – both in our lives and in the lives of those we touch!

2 thoughts on “Regain our Sundays

  1. What a lovely post! and so true….I actually just picked a book regarding the same topic; it is called 24/6. From what I have gathered, it is about sharing the Jewish tradition of Sabath- a day set aside for no chores, just religion (or for non-religious folks.. personal introspection). And you know, thinking back, my grandma never did any work on Sundays. Sundays were about having a long lunch with the entire family and just having quite time around the house. My grandma was not very religious…but doing any chores on Sunday was apparently a very grave sin 🙂

    1. I agree so much… we seem to have gotten into a race to be more efficient in preparing for our short term goals (next week) so much so that we lose our long term benefits (peace of mind, introspection and doing what we love)!

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