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All of us have something unique about us. It is just a matter of time to realize it.

It is never too late to learn something that helps us in the long run. With the world moving towards digital platforms and digital technologies, learning how to work on a computer – even if it is some basic stuff helps in the long run.

When I was growing up one of the skills that our parents felt would help us get a job was typewriting and shorthand. Somehow, I ended up learning it and became good at it, albeit needed to wake up at 5 am to get to the early morning classes before my daily routine started! These skills helped when I started learning computers and started working on software development. The speed to type and do it correctly helps!

Today is the day and age of digital platforms and software. Knowing a Microsoft word, using a powerpoint to prepare a presentation, doing your home budget over Excel software, have all become part of life for many. Investing in learning some of these helps us expedite our journeys to learn something or share something effectively and soon. While some maybe video game developers, software engineers, network specialists, or technologists who look at gadgets differently, they are all ahead of the curve.

There are still people who would like to learn the basics – sharing what to learn for them!

  1. How to look for information online
  2. How to know what sites are trustworthy
  3. How to use Mobile apps
  4. Microsoft word – How to write articles sharing your knowledge
  5. Doing your family budget on MS Excel
  6. How to record an audio
  7. How to take pictures and save / share them
  8. How to make a collage
  9. How to play online games when you are alone
  10. How to watch TV serials from various channels

Yes. You might be thinking am looking at an older age group when I talk about these activities. Think about it, the youngest generation also needs the same! Irrespective of the age group, whatever be the domain every individual is spending their day around, that domain has a technology component that can make life easier for us. Think about it!

Learning technology definitely makes a difference, starting with our mindset!

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