Have you ever had a mentor? Someone who has the power and influence can easily be a mentor. These do not always come from work front.

As long as there are people who need support to grow to where you are / have come to be, you would be able to support them pull themselves up, give them opportunities, offer them advice, point them to appropriate opportunities, give a helping hand – it helps! If you have crossed a bridge that another is unable to cross in an organization, or in their life, you should know that experience immensely benefits the other person.

When I started working, I had the privilege of being mentored by the President of the company. He was extending a helping hand to pull up those who had joined as trainees 🙂 It made a HUGE difference in my life! So, I started using that as a practice all through my life – to help those junior to me where appropriate. Feels something like my way of showing gratitude to what I had privilege to! It was interesting to see what all I learned (and continuing to learn) in the process.

There are times when people with experience have a lot to share, and those who are new are savvy with technology. While I seem to be learning social media technology now, I seemed to be the expert in building courseware for another team earlier today. And, out of the blue, someone whom I have interacted with almost 5 years back during a conference, writes to me as my mentor on what I can do to leverage a few opportunities. Wow.. someone out there still looks out for me.. that is a wonderful feeling!

In a single day, I was the learner on a thread, an expert on another, a mentee on another, a leader on another, a disruptor on another, chef & gardener on another..! Well.. that is life I suppose! We continue to do what we feel is right, and be helpful and useful to those around us, and there will be a time when you would marvel at where these could lead us!

To all those who need a mentor, leave a comment and I will write back to you.

To all those who feel they want to partner with me, or point me in a direction that makes sense, leave a comment. I am still listening and continuing to learn 🙂

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