Common health issues and remedies – Course

Launching a course on common health issues and home remedies / alterate therapies next week!

While we are busy at school, college, work and focusing on our goals, we forget to realize our body is getting used to the stress we are putting it through. We fail to learn to solve our own problems (somehow we tend to give our health last priority in our to-do-lists). After going through severe health issues and recovering multiple times, I understood how to take care of our physical and mental health over years.

Looking to conduct this as a course to share simple and practical tips to deal with daily challenges and listen to our body. Making small changes in our lifestyle brings back huge return on investments.

Will be covering the top 30 health issues faced by most of us, its leading indicators, ways to take preventive action, simple changes to incorporate in our life style / daily routine, and save ourselves huge trouble of bigger diseases.

Those who are interested to attend and learn, please reply in the comments about your interest! I will publish a schedule and calendar by next week. Anyone interested in a 1-1 paid consultation for home remedies, will setup a calendar for you.

More details in the upcoming post on the topic!

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