Tongue as an indicator of health

During a health checkup, Doctors ask us to show our tongue! Was interesting to see that our tongue is a good indicator of our personal health!

Found this to be very helpful while doing a quick check as a parent!

Tongue as an indicator to the health of our internal organs

Check your tongue in the mirror! Any blisters, cuts, white patches, discoloration point to the specific internal organs as shown below!

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Health conditions

The below chart is a good indicator of when to visit a doctor, and when a diet or lifestyle change is needed. As a parent, it helps to put our mind to ease and helps figure out the next steps (without panicking).

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Ayurveda and tongue

Traditional Indian medicine – Ayurveda also uses tongue as an indicator of health (especially internal organs). A change of diet, elimination of toxins and stress relief where appropriate are quick remedies.

Ayurveda jihva parıksa - tongue diagnosis | Tongue health, Holistic health,  Ayurveda
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Traditional Chinese medicine

Like Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine also uses tongue as an indicator of health. Look at the chart below! Acupressure and Acupuncture are used for treatment with traditional Chinese medicine.

Picture courtesy – Organic Olivia

Proper oral hygiene, diet, exercise & sleep seem to be a common thread to restore health!

How have I used this?

  1. For blisters in the kidney area, increase the water consumption, eat green leafy vegetables
  2. For liver area, eat liver healthy food and avoid oily/greasy food that is harder to digest
  3. For mouth sores, check for stress levels during the past week and ensure proper sleep routine (8 hours minimum)
  4. For whiteness, revisit brushing and mouthwash routines

This has always been a helpful indicator as a parent, to understand when and whether I need to rush children to an ER, schedule a doctor appointment, have them brush their teeth well, change their diet, or have them focus on resting well! Easy tip for parents to relieve their anxiety when kids complain of stomach ache or mouth sores. Try it & see for yourself!

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