While we are studying, working, attending lectures, watching something for long, trying to concentrate or focus on something really hard (like a test or presentation), too stressed out, it is common to get a headache! Sharing some of the common solutions that have helped me so far..!

When headaches rarely – common home remedies and solutions help! If they are recurring or severe, it is good to consult a physician.

  1. If it is on the right or left side or back side of head, try rubbing an ice cube on the painful area for a few minutes. Do not keep the ice cube in the same place, keep rubbing it back and forth. Resting for 15-30 minutes after that helps.
  2. If the temples are paining and you also have a cold or phlegm, steam inhaling helps. Switch on a Vicks Vaporub Steam inhaler or pour a few drops of Eucalyptus oil in hot water and do steam inhaling. This helps melt the phlegm and reduces headache caused due to sinus congestion
  3. Sometimes during a headache, if you feel pain behind your eyes – then, it may be sinus related – again steam inhaling helps
  4. When you have too much of sun exposure and you get a headache, try to apply ice or put a wet cloth on your head. If you are accustomed to this, then try to prevent it by wearing sun glasses and a hat/cap while stepping out in the sun.
  5. For adults – If the headache is in the forehead area – Mix a tsp of cinnamon powder and water and apply that paste on the forehead. There will be a strong burning sensation (if you are not able to bear it, remove it off within a minute). Keep the paste on your forehead for 10-15 minutes and wash it away. Resting with a warm drink (milk or tea or coffee) helps.

When your children complain of a headache, our mind does not instantly go towards chronic pains and complex conditions. Check if they have been getting enough sleep, are they working on any tests or exam preparations, if they are working towards pulling up their scores, are they having a cold etc. Applying the ice cube on head, steam inhaling for cold, Massaging their palms and feet and especially their thumbs and the center of the palms while they sleep helps! If they wear glasses, check if their prescription needs to be changed. If the headache continues for more than 1-2 days, do discuss with your pediatrician!

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