Netflix party – watching movies together

Watching movies together with friends and relatives from across the globe, while chatting with each other – interesting concept, and lots of fun.

Cousins got together this weekend to watch netflix movies in the Netflix party mode, while chatting and commenting on the movie together. They had an audio call, and text chatted their way through while watching the movie. Without an oculus, or virtual reality or AI forums.. just pure simple feature of chatting away while watching a netflix movie with friends!

The fact that they were able to pause on one device, and the movie play mode on all devices being paused, and rewinded to the exact point etc., to wait for someone to take a quick break and come back and join them in the party and continue watching it together across 3 different locations (if not more…) was amazing! The way the family bonded over this simple activity during the virtual world activities was simple, easy and lot of fun!

To those who conduct scenario based training and run a video or movie clip to an audience and want them to watch it together, and deliberate on the case scenario, this felt like the perfect solution!

Netflix Party

Have you experienced it on any other platforms – especially with a sidebar chat feasibility? If so, please share the information below! Would be great to try them out!

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