Chakras in our human body

In one of my previous posts about Fingers and Chakra connection, thought we will look at human body and chakras in our body in detail. Sharing what I have learned and how it connects to our health and many other aspects in our life.

Explaining the concept in a simple way…. taking the trains and railway stations as an example. Think of the veins in our body as trains and the main metro junctions as Chakras. If we tap into the metro junctions, we can manipulate the train routes. On a similar note, tapping into the Chakras and ensuring they help us with our health and healing needs is an interesting concept!

I never thought this made sense till I became a Healer myself and felt the difference. I am not trying to convince you 🙂 Just sharing what I learned and how it connects to the different aspects of life!

As a baby, the muladhara chakra is the one that gets developed first. Family and social belonging, need for safety and security are the primary aspects the baby deals with. Eating and sleeping is sufficient to exist.

As one grows, the toddler or kid starts to feel and taps into their creativity and builds relationships. Creative problem solvers can be seen from this chakra – Swadishtaana Chakra

In their teens, a sense of self-esteem and gut instinct develop, they are known for their personality. They get to influence others (good or bad) through their personality. Good leaders are driven by Manipura (Solar plexus).

These three chakras need not only relate to babies, kids and teens. Adults who are driven, shoulder responsibility and are do-ers also leverage these three chakras (Muladhara, Swadishtaana and Manipura).

Anahata is the Chakra that creates a balance between the physical body and mind. Driven by love & compassion and forgiveness (tough for adults). People driven by this Chakra are often contemplating on what to choose – mind over body and unless they practice meditation, it is difficult to get out of the dilemma. Evaluating the pros and cons of everything makes them slow in decision making. They would be loved by masses.

Vishudha is the Chakra where an individual driven by this Chakra influences others by their speech. Their voice, their will power, their speech, their ability to connect and relate to others helps them control masses. They hold the ability to drive the doers (driven by bottom 3 chakras) and get the Anahatas out of dilemma. Their communication will bring in faith and confidence in their followers.

Agna is the Chakra where the individual driven by this will exhibit open-mindedness, higher intellect, and ability to see the bigger picture. Think tanks usually operate in this zone. Their mind is their strength and their ability to see the bigger picture is the key. They have the innate ability to introspect & connect the dots and have a worldly view both at the same time. People who are visionaries, those working on Strategy in an organization usually operate in this zone.

While Sahasra chakra relates to enlightenment, it also relates to one’s ability to let-go. These people who are driven by the Sahasra chakra are known to driven by a strong sense of purpose, having mastered how to control all the other chakras below. One can tap into the energy of this chakra ONLY through a Guru, as this chakra is outside of the human body and one needs to take a leap of faith!

It was interesting to see how the chakras connected to our endocrine glands, emotions, our drive, our first go-to response to anything, our influecing nature and tapping into them can be accessed as easily as straightening your back posture.

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