Dealing with adversity

How does one deal with adversity? What is the most difficult adversity that you have dealt it?

For some of us, adversity shows up once in a lifetime, there are others who live a life filled with adversities. For the latter, they never feel they are dealing with tough situations or adversities or difficulties in life, as THAT is life for them 🙂 I realized, I belong to the latter group!

Life becomes a learning field, and everyday becomes a new lesson to be learned from a varied set of experiences. What is the guiding principle then? How do we keep going? Sharing what has helped me over years!

  1. Losing hope is never a choice
  2. Focus is on figuring out the next right thing to do
  3. Never forget to smile
  4. Find your sweet spot amidst the chaos
  5. Make wonderful memories with your loved ones
  6. Help someone else in need. Gratitude and blessings help you in miraculous ways
  7. Do something that makes you feel good. It helps refill your hope and optimism
  8. Thank people who pray for you to bounce back
  9. Never forget friends who call and talk during your tough times
  10. Lean in, have faith and pray. It does make a huge difference!

When life puts us through an adversity, it also gives us all the necessary help and support around us, in the form of friends, family and community. Experts come into our lives without our knowledge. It is up to us to connect, leverage and learn from every one of them!

Remember, the comeback is always stronger than the setback!

Do feel free to share how you have dealt with adverse times and what helps you bounce back!

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