Life lessons from the story of a salt seller

While growing up, my mother used to tell me many stories. She would then ask me to figure out the moral of the story and how I would use it in life. It used to be interesting listening to her stories while she was busy multi-tasking through her chores. One of the stories about a salt seller got etched in my mind.. sharing it and what I learned from it!

There was once a salt seller who was quite poor, yet a very good person. Every morning he used to take his cart full of salt and go around the streets trying to sell it (Yes.. in olden days, there used to be a practice of a door-to-door salesmen walking around streets with carts full of rock salt and try to sell it). Stop mocking the olden days and continue reading the story… 🙂

The salt seller found it difficult to make ends meet. He was very hardworking and never embarrassed to do his work. One day two angels hovering around his house decided to stay longer and monitor his actions. They saw that he came back home tired, yet had a smile on his face, was pleasantly dealing with the questions from his children, did not shout at his wife when she served him dinner that lacked taste. When he started discussing with his wife about his plans to improve their lives, the angels got curious and came closer to listen to him. Somehow, the salt seller realized the presence of angels and started discussing his plans a bit louder.

After the salt seller and his wife go to sleep, one angel asks the other about they can help this salt seller. The older angel responds that this person is destined to sell salt all his life. There was nothing they could do to help him, as it was his destiny. Now, the salt seller had not slept and was listening to the angels discussion and started thinking about how his destiny controlled his life and he felt his dreams were being shattered. He prays to God and falls asleep.

Next day morning, he comes up with an idea. He goes and sells salt the whole day and this time, he does not sell it by cups / quarts. He sells the entire cart and returns home. His wife wonders what he would do the next day? Miraculously, a cart of salt appears the next day on his doorstep. He goes and sells the entire cart of salt in a different city making some extra money. He starts doing this everyday, and slowly he accumulates more wealth and is able to afford his family expenses and make a profit to live a comfortable life. Till the end of his life, he was selling salt – well, that was his destiny. However, by using his wit and intelligence, he got to do it better and improved his financial well being and lifestyle.

In our day to day lives as well, whenever we find that situations are hard and our destiny and dreams seem to go on parallel tracks, use your wit and intelligence to make a change.

Using your wit and intelligence, you can change your destiny!

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