Resourcefulness – learning from Sri Rama

Recently I got an opportunity to listen to Ramayana and the virtues of Rama. Was amazed by His resourcefulness and what I could emulate from His nature.

While there are MANY qualities that one can emulate by just observing someone, Sri Rama’s virtues seem to be very many and the one that I connected most to was His resourcefulness.

Think about it… He had lost his wife in a forest, did not know where to look for her, had only a companion and brother Lakshmana with Him. My mind started relating it to my life when I was going through difficult periods. What / Who did I have with me to give me the strength to wade through the difficulty and come out of it successfully. Everyone says when God closes a door, He opens a tiny window. What was that window for Sri Rama? How did He get to find it?

He was kind. To one and all. That kindness was a trait that led Him to be respected by all living beings. Not just human beings. In a forest filled with animals and birds, with minimal or no human interaction, what skill or trait of His got Him to his next right step to move forward. It was his Kindness. Birds (like Jatayu and Sampati) who had seen Sita being carried away by Ravana, squirrels who helped pave the path in the ocean by carrying sand, bears like Jambavan, and a huge army of monkeys led by Sugriva. He befriended ALL of them with his Kindness and was resourceful enough to use the strengths He had (His and his army – or team) to figure out a way forward. He believed in His team (as a Leader) although the challenges were extremely difficult or near impossible, and His team (Hanuman when he flew over the ocean to find Sita), Sugriva when he killed Vali, were all a mere way of faith and belief working miraculously to make them succeed.

In the midst of the war, when Lakshmana faints and the only herb that can cure him was Sanjeevani and which grew on a mountain in North India and he was across the ocean in Sri Lanka (beyond the south of India), what made it possible for Him to get that overnight? Hanuman who always used to chant Sri Rama’s name was able to get this miraculously. Imagine a monkey flying over the ocean and a huge country landscape overnight and lifting a mountain and bringing it back – sounds impossible right. When leaders set out to accomplish tough goals, it all seems impossible, no way they can succeed. But, who pull them together, who make it happen? Their team members who believe in the mission / goal and who put in their extra hard work and miraculously make the dreams seem accomplishable. One needs to have good leaders for the same, who know how to tap into the right skills and strengths of individuals and believe in their potential. That genuinely does miracles.

During tough times in my life, I think about Sri Rama and His resourcefulness and how his faith & belief, His leadership, His kindness helped Him wade through extremely difficult times. Fully inspired, I know what is the next right step to take 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Resourcefulness – learning from Sri Rama

  1. ​
    In 2012, I wrote an article on Rajaneethi (Diplomacy) in Ramavathara
    The article can be downloaded using the above link.
    When I wrote it, I had requests for an English version, which I didn’t write.
    As there were several requests, I wrote an English version and appended to it and named it as a Combo version.
    Pages 1 to 3 is in Telugu
    4 to 6 in English
    Srinivasulu Bhattaram
    (Monday, October 12, 2020, 6:36:40 AM)

    1. Loved reading your article… 🙂 nice comparisons..! You have very nicely compared multiple characters from a political and strategic standpoint…!! Thank you for sharing!

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