Every day counts towards writing your history

History is made one step at a time, one choice at a time, one day at a time. We can write our own history if we plan for it and act accordingly in our present!

On the first day of my Masters, my Management professor steps in and gives us an assignment. She was young (maybe a few years older than the students in the class). She was dressed elegantly, spoke professionally, and had a charming smile. Somehow, that seemed to make her look like a Know-it-all Management Guru to the freshmen class 🙂 We all loved her right away.

She asked us to write our own Obituaries. An obituary is a small news article that is written and published by the family or newspaper, that includes a brief about the person’s life! How were we supposed to write our own obituaries..? We were all alive and attending her class 🙂 She had a mysterious smile on her face and we knew we had to figure a way out by writing the article.

Slowly, everyone started writing. I was thinking… I had so many dreams that I wanted to have lived and fulfilled by the time I died. Who would know about my dreams? Who would be writing my obituary? When everyone only plays a role in another person’s life – how much would anyone know about the individual? My parents knew me in a certain way, my friends know me very differently, my neighbors see a different aspect of me, every circle I was part of saw a different facet of me. Few things became clear.

  1. What I accomplish in life – not my dreams, is what would count!
  2. Every relationship I have with anyone in my life, is the set of memories I would leave behind when I am not around. Those tangible/intangible memories are the only ones that would live longer than me.
  3. My relationships with others is what they would remember me for, and it is in my control to make them good and great!
  4. People who would spend money on me when I am not around and write my obituary and would want to get it published for the world to see – would be my family, relatives, close friends and those whom I have had an extremely positive impact in my life! Increase and devote quality time with them!
  5. For everyone else, life moves on after the obituary is published. And, that is life! But for me, my unaccomplished dreams would be dying with me. So, spending time to make my dreams come true is MY responsibility – whatever life puts me through!
  6. I would want to have a great relationship with my grandchildren and share stories of my childhood (just like how I had with my maternal grandparents), which means I need to focus on living a life and fill it with wonderful memories every single day, work and spend time with family. All aspects of my personality need to grow as I grow.

Although the class was for an hour, and we had 15 minutes to write our obituaries, I had traveled into the future that day. I realized that this is an important exercise for all of us! Ultimately, we are responsible for ourselves and our dreams – which would die with us. Planning and spreading it out across our lives and ensuring we spend time towards filling it with memories that would mean a lot, not only to us – but by others who would remember us for it, would have been a life well lived.

To all of you reading this – wishing you good luck in writing (your obituary and your history) and living up to your own expectations!

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