Getting harder to take one step at a time….?

For some of us, challenges in life are pushing us to a corner where taking one step at a time is also difficult. Impact on one decision or change needing to be evaluated on multiple fronts, makes us think and continue to re-evaluate our options. So, what do we do in those times?

When we face a lot of uncertainty (either as an individual, business or a family), slowing down and taking it one step at a time helps. What I mean by that is, reducing the number of variables that we deal with helps! Try to focus on the constants that exist in our day-to-day environment and look to find a way to lean-in on those constants to move forward.

One variable, one change, one step amidst the chaos in a planned and structured way helps us to not lose what we have, and continue to figure out a way to move forward.

However, there are times when it gets difficult to even take that one step forward. Imagine a big ship trying to take one step towards changing its course by just half a degree, it has a lot of weight (baggage) that it needs to carry around and hence turning gets slower. The more baggage we carry (read it as the more responsibilities we shoulder), the more difficult it gets to trigger a change. Planning for it consciously helps.

It is also true that some days, we actually get to successfully take that one step forward (and end up doing something positive). Other days, we might have taken a step in the right direction – but might not know whether we ended up moving forward or backward or just staying put took up all our energy! Reducing the dependencies helps to gain momentum!

When sustainability becomes an issue, try to take baby steps (break down what you intend to do into smaller chunks and go for it). Some days, not doing anything and sustaining status-quo helps. Look for the power-of-one to trigger a change. One friend, one customer, one task, one activity, one idea etc (you get the gist), try to take it from idea to closure. Try to sustain the remaining threads as constant as possible. If there are more variables you need to deal with, take it one hour at a time – focus on one item in your list that is of utmost importance and get it resolved.

Moving forward or retaining status quo is critical, when unable to get there – try your best not to fall back. If you do, try to retrace your steps and figure out a better solution to take the next step forward – after all, failures are the stepping stones to success. The lesson then becomes never to give up!

Without our efforts – we do not get to progress. Tough times require us to think differently, break down our thought process and create new ways of efficiency. Do not miss out on the efforts, else when the phase gets over – you would end up not learning what you needed to learn from it.

Baby steps still get us moving forward

Writing this post on request from a friend.

For those who are facing tough times in life, remember this too shall pass!

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