Planets Jupiter and Saturn – Great conjunction

Time to look at the skies for a rare conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Astronomers describe it as the great conjunction to describe meetings of the two biggest worlds in our solar system, mighty Jupiter and ringed Saturn.

Got a forward on whatsapp that described the conjunction as below!

Whoever made this picture did a great job in depicting a simple concept very well (like a time lapse before it occurs).

A rare occurrence of seeing all the planets in the sky during November-December timeframe.

Courtesy –

The great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is expected on December 21st (Christmas Star) 🙂 This is supposed to the closest conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that occurs once in 800 years.

This is how the two planets will look in the sky on December 21st

Time to take out the telescopes and look at the sky above.

Look for Mars about 50-60 degrees on one side and Mercury and Venus on the other side of Saturn and Jupiter in the sky!

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