Getting yard ready for re-planting

It has been about a week and most of the seeds have started sprouting. Got some time to fix the yard and clear the raised beds.

Beds are nearly ready

  • Tilled the soil
  • Added Black Kow manure
  • Waiting for a day, will add the Organic top soil tomorrow and mix it up
  • Then, beds are ready for re-planting!

What next?

  • Need to clear the debris around, remove the old leaves and remove the weeds around the place!
  • Setup the fence!
  • Decide the places where vines and root vegetables will grow and separate them out!
  • Create sections of the yard for flower beds!

How are the seeds coming along?

Most of the seeds have started sprouting and beans (front tall ones) need to be re-planted right away!

Nature does not care about how prepared we are… it has its own schedule!

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