What is your brain color?

Few years back, I was into experimenting a variety of psychometric instruments that can be tuned to understand the work patterns of employees in an organization. Naturally, how to make them more effective was a constant thought process! Was thinking about how it applies to non-work scenarios!

An assessment was conducted to evaluate the perceived color of the brain of an individual. Every color has a set of attributes, and a combination of colors showed a combination of behaviors!

Anyone who is interested in taking the assessment, can click on the post link below!

Red, Blue and Green were the main colors in this assessment. Surprisingly, purple turned out to be more common!

How can we distinguish them?

Red Brain:

  1. They need clarity
  2. Scope of work and boundary has to be clear
  3. They have the ability to see the logic
  4. They have the tendency to analyze
  5. They find the structure and the best way to operate efficiently
  6. Attention to detail is high
  7. They work best in chunks of work (activity based work, project based work etc)
  8. Ask good questions

Green Brain:

  1. They see the big picture
  2. They can be good visionaries
  3. Nothing is connected – yet, they see the dots that can be connected
  4. They have the ability to connect the dots and provide clarity to teams
  5. They are good at finding alternatives to progress
  6. They rely on feedback to adapt and evolve
  7. Able to answer and provide clarity to questions and open ended threads

Blue Brain:

  1. They enjoy being with people
  2. Everything is connected, and they can see how it comes together
  3. Intuitive and sensitive
  4. Relatability is high
  5. Can step into anyone’s shoes easily

As you grow up the ladder, Green brain functioning increases. People seek clarity and leaders get used to providing clarity and setting vision/multi-year plans for the organization. Red brain is critical for attention to detail and ensuring tasks are completed. Folks working in a project mode, quality assurance teams, lawyers, finance jobs, IT, security – predominantly most of the folks who work (do-ers) need some aspect of red brain functioning to be able to get the work done effectively and efficiently. Blue brain folks are typically people leaders, social influencers where being able to relate to people and connect with them seems to give them immense satisfaction. Writers, Artists, Healers, etc are naturally good at this.

Now, during non-work hours, how would they be?

Red brain:

  1. Meticulous and organized
  2. Home will be very clean
  3. Timings will be maintained
  4. Structure, festivals and rituals are followed

Green brain:

  1. Feel very comfortable operating in a chaos
  2. Scheduled cleaning service helps maintain home
  3. Organization is not their strength anymore
  4. Recipes usually get prepared based on gut feeling
  5. Status quo is fine till there is an issue or someone shares a feedback
  6. Very comfortable with empowering someone else to run their household

Blue brain:

  1. Continue to create new dimensions and connect disparate areas to make sense
  2. Tend to turn towards spiritual side, healing, yoga etc
  3. Comfortably switching between being alone and processing their thoughts and being with people
  4. Depth of conversations is significantly high
  5. While they can relate to others, they find it hard to find someone who can relate to them
  6. Evolve from one life event to another

It was interesting to see how life and work balance out over years! Ultimately, it is the priority we set for ourselves (or what life sets for us).

As one grow, their life and work experiences tend to make them a purple brain at the end!

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  1. Great insight! This was fascinating to learn. Had no idea that brain can be thought of have different color.

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