Microgreens – Week #3 – ready to harvest

It has been around 16 days since I started the project. First harvest today!

Started the project 15 days back and shared two posts on the process I had followed. Today is my 3rd post and am ready for my first harvest!

Day 1 -> Growing Microgreens

Day 8 -> Growing Microgreens

Day 15 -> Growing Microgreens (Ready to harvest)

Fenugreek (Methi) ready to harvest

My first Microgreens grown Hydroponic way (without soil, with just water)!

Roots growing through the holes in the top tray!

View of the top leaves and bottom roots growing in water!

Roots, stem and leaves growing in the top tray

my Observations:

  1. Leaves are darker in color than normal leaves
  2. Water needs to be changed daily
  3. The paper covering on top gets very dirty soon. Using a kitchen tissue as covering was better till seeds sprouted!
  4. During week 2 filling the bottom tray with water helped promote growth
  5. On some leaves, the original seed still seems to be seen (this does not happen when it grows in soil)
  6. Roots grow thick, dense and long. May help if there is more space between top and bottom trays
  7. The trays can be used for seeds that are big (not useful for mustard and herbs)
  8. Did not need to add any other nutrients or plant food – so, totally grown organically!

If you are trying to grow Microgreens, Wish you good luck 🙂

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