Secret helpers

Have you ever had a secret helper in your life? Have you felt they have your back – no matter what!

Walking through the memory lane, when we look at people who have touched our lives, influenced them, walked a path of our road of life with us, continuing to walk hand in hand, ready to get off the next stop, each of us have made their presence felt in our lives in some way that is meaningful only to us and them!

There are some who help us when we need it the most, without any hesitation. They do so for no particular reason. It is just a bond we share with them! They might be in our lives for a long or short period, but the help they did at that juncture would not be something we can forget for long (or forever!). I call them secret helpers!

Writing about one of them as they recently passed away!

For salaried folks, month end used to be a crunch, and this was no different for my parents! School fees, groceries, some special expense and what not, specifically turn up during the last week of the month. When credit cards were not prevalent (yes.. this was decades back), there used to be a couple, who were like Godparents and they used to help us borrow some money to wade through the week / month and return it the next month. This was not a one-time instance, this used to happen pretty frequently! Not that we found it difficult to manage within our expenses – but as children grow up, expenses do tend to grow with them! So, no matter how strong one is with forecasts and budgets and keeping that tiny stash aside for monthly expenses, there does come a time when one runs out!

Without asking a question, without humiliating the individual, sustaining respect and still sharing a helping hand does not come easily! While they might be perceived very differently by other individuals, they were our Godparents in some sense, who consistently were willing to share a helping hand during some of our critical times! What matters to the head of the family is that they are able to provide for the needs of their family in a timely manner, and when someone has their back, it is a huge relief that can only be felt through experience!

Wherever they are now, they should know we are thankful to them, and they (and their actions) have inspired multiple generations!

Have you had any secret helpers in your life? Or are you one?

Either way, consider yourself blessed!

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