Every Gardener needs to know these this year

If you are gardening this season, you need to be aware of these three issues to save your harvest and health.

Three items that are infecting our crops this season – beware of these when you get them in your mailbox and report them back to CDC.

  1. Unknown seed packets: Many households across US seem to have received these seeds from untraceable locations. Some say China, some say local, not sure what the source is – simple rule – if you have not purchased seeds from a reliable source yourself, do not sow the seeds and report them to CDC.

2. Salmonella Onions outbreak: The outbreak seems to have impacted 43 states as of August 7th. Homegrown onions, locally harvested red onions and those from famous brands – all seem to have been impacted. Salmonella infections typically cause gastrointestinal issues, such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, fever, and abdominal cramps. If you have been buying red onions specifically of late and experience these symptoms, do check with your local physician.

Image courtesy: CDC.gov

3. Spotted Lanternfly infections: Many states are reporting their crops being harmed due to spotted lanternfly infestation. Lanterflies are known to multiply fast and seem to be creating a huge issue to homeowners, business owners, landscape and gardens, leave alone agricultural crops. If you spot them in your yard, do call your local CDC.

The spotted laternfly can quickly multiply and love to feast on plants.

The bright red, polka-dotted large bugs that hop around are unmistakable and eye-catching, but are a nuisance for homeowners and a threat to New Jersey farms and vineyards.

Spotted lanternfly
Spotted Lanternfly

If you have a backyard, are actively gardening this season, look out for the above three issues in your backyard. While shopping look to avoid products like red onions (both growing locally and branded ones) and look at your local news for more such issues specific to your location.

Hope we can get back to enjoying a nice harvest!

Stay safe!

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