Saving water outdoors

The video by American water company to save water especially outdoors was quite helpful!

It applies to others who have a garden anywhere in the world as well!

Key highlights:

  • About half the water we use outside is wasted & is not needed to maintain a healthy landscape
  • Opting for drought resistant and native plants that typically grow in the region helps reduce maintenance and watering needs.
  • Look for the native plants that grow in your local zip code and when to plant what in your farmers almanac.
  • Group plants with similar water requirements together while planting.
  • After planting, mulch beds to preserve moisture
  • Water as needed – do not need to water everyday. Check for rains and soil wetness before choosing to water
  • Best time to water plants is typically early morning hours or at dusk when the sun is low and less water will evaporate
  • Set your lawn mower one notch higher so that the grass is not fully cut and water does not evaporate easily. Reduces the watering needs.
  • General thumb rule – Your lawn need not be watered until you see footprints when you walk on it
  • Choose to switch on/off your sprinklers
    • Based on rainy & local weather schedule
    • To not water unwanted areas like pavements, tree trunks/branches and unwanted areas
  • Try collecting rain water in barrels to water your plants instead of using sprinklers/additional water resources.

How to Make a Rain Barrel

Make sure you clean your roof gutters and remove debris to ensure smooth water flow & rainwater harvesting!

Why Everyone Should Care About Rainwater Harvesting #rain #rainharvesting

Every drop of water saved counts!

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