Going through a transformation

We never know when we are transforming. It is only the before and the after comparisons that make us reflect the transformation we have been through!

100 days… is a decent time for us to take a step back and realize what we have been going through! So many health issues, pandemic, cyclones in some places, locust, fire hazards, lack of PPE, all of us at home, working in a virtual world – only connection with people is when one of us in the household goes for grocery shopping and the rest of it purely virtual. It is difficult to retain sanity – read it in the present-continuous tense! And each of us have our families, work (household AND whatever else we do), extended families, colleagues, community and lot of relationships – each of us going through a different facet of the pandemic. Being on different places in the curve means what one feels on a day to day basis is very different.

Amidst all this, creating a daily routine and sticking to it when no two days are the same is tough. A group of us across the community came together virtually over a facebook group to create what is called as the mask squad and we have made over 18,000 masks in the past 100 days. Not everyone knows how to sew or has a machine, nor has the cloth. So, we setup a supply chain with contactless delivery, partnered with many vendors and kept motivating each other to continue. Some days are low productivity, some days we are on a high. When the group expands, there is backup and even when few of us fall sick (or families have someone sick), there are others who continue. Feels very nice and satisfying to be helpful to those in time of need.

Today when the Governor Murphy gave us a shout out, it felt heart-warming! However small be the effort, if it helps us move forward during difficult times – it is great!

So, for all of you out there.. take a snapshot view of where you are, because in 6 months you would have changed. Now, it is up to you to decide whether you will strive hard to remain the same or let yourself adapt and be transformed!

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