Check on your friends and relatives

With the extreme weather conditions, and life changing events, felt like writing about checking on friends and relatives. Some of us are good at asking for help, and some of us just keep to ourselves! Reaching out and checking on friends can go a long way for us and for them!

Check on your STRONG friends and relatives – they can remain strong for everyone else, but might need a shoulder sometimes as well!
Check on your quiet friends and relatives – they might want to open up and share, but might keep feeling left out!
Check on your busy bee friends and relatives – they might be neglecting their health in all their busy schedules!
Check on your happy friends and relatives – you can get some warmth, and they would get to share how they feel in reality!
Check on your virtual friends and relatives – they might be looking for some company!
Check on your social friends – they might have expressed themselves and waiting for acknowledgement!
Check on your work friends – They might need to vent out their frustrations to continue!

Check on the ones who have lost a loved one – They would need to re-group themselves!
Check on the ones who are battling health issues – They would need all the prayers from those around to keep going!
Check on the ones who have crossed a milestone in life – They can give a sound piece of advice when you need it the most!

If you are the one checking in on others,

hope you have someone checking in on you too!

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