Impact of virtual conversations

How long has it been since you have had an in-person conversation with a friend? How has your relationship grown over the past few months?

Sustaining relationships virtually is not an easy task at hand. When we have a conversation with someone face-to-face and in-person, their body language, comfort level, ice breaker conversations, talking about life in general etc happen in a very natural manner!

While we are meeting through virtual platforms like Zoom and Google meet, we can get the objectives of an event or meeting addressed (for most part), however, we lose the personal touch in the interaction! This can work fine for a few days or weeks. When these continue for a longer period of time, the “friendship” or “comradery” goes missing!

Conversations with teams and groups become more to the point, towards a goal or objective, to address an event or escalation! Felt it today with some of my friends…. although we have been in touch during the pandemic, checking on each other through whatsapp messages, phone calls, realized that what gets discussed is just a matter of the top few highest priority items on our mind. We miss the aspect of how we are feeling through the same, what we are going through and how we are dealing with life as such keeps getting pushed to a lower priority, as everyone has been having their own set of emergencies that they need to deal with.

Do you have that one friend in life – whom you can call and talk how you are feeling today? If yes, you are blessed! Never lose that friendship – at any cost!


Count your blessings, and do make it a point to express yourselves and how you feel with someone in your friends circle! It makes a huge difference! Gives us the confidence to keep moving forward.

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