Tips for local entrepreneurs and small business

In an effort to support local entrepreneurs, started a series two weeks back. Since then have received multiple requests and got to interact with many! Sharing some common tips that I felt makes sense!

Having a product, networking and being able to sell their products in the pandemic cycles is getting tough! Sharing some avenues to increase your reach!


This forum seems to have many groups and workshops that lend a helping hand towards local networking and online webinars and help/support! Entrepreneurs who are looking to network and investment support would find it useful to connect and attend some of these sessions! In every state there seems to be a variety of entrepreneurial workshops of different categories, Tech, Tech startups, Design, Tutors, Apparel makers, Retail shopping etc.

2. Nextdoor

While many of you might know it and maybe using it already, did you know you can create a business account and market your services. There is a cost to it – however, it is much better to establish a local circle to deliver your services avoiding shipping costs. From local dogsitting services, to pianos for free, this seems to be a good place for local buy/sell opportunities.


Especially for babysitting, tutors and service providers, this seems to be a good venue to market and publish your products. There seems to be a good traction in this forum. Did not see much of traction for retail selling.

4. Facebook marketplace

How did I ever miss this..? This seems to be the place where many people are able to get their homes rented (who would have known..?). Good place for retail selling as well (something like eBay).

5. Facebook groups

Selling products on small private facebook groups where only a group member can add another member into the group is a safe way for product promotions. Other than pushing up numbers on the reach, actual number of products that get sold on Facebook seems to be low. So, if you are looking to increase your product reach or awareness in the market. It would be a good forum.

6. Whatsapp groups

Creating a niche group for your product and having people be part of the group is a good way to sell. This seems to be a working model for many retailers. Beware of scammers who collect your phone numbers and sell it to others! Joining a group that you know the admin / some group members would be a better way to engage.

7. Local school communities & fundraisers

School communities that are operating remotely seem to networking to help the local entrepreneurs and small businesses through seasonal fundraising efforts. If you have a relevant product, try reaching out to your local school PTO and having a conversation to see if they can support your product during the holiday season through fundraising efforts. Typically, a percentage of it can be donated back to the PTO making it a win-win for all parties involved.

While I intend to share more about another entrepreneur every thursday, felt these tips would help those who are looking for some avenues to network or sell their products.

Are you part of any of these groups? Share your experiences about using and/or selling on these platforms.

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