Local entrepreneurs series #4 – Mridangam classes

A common friend introduced me to Mayavaram R. Vinoth , a carnatic musician who plays Mridangam. Was inspired by him and writing this post to request support! During the pandemic, we can support local small businesses, musicians and entrepreneurs in some way we can! Every bit counts!

Mridangam is a percussion instrument of ancient origin that is played in South India. It is the primary rhythmic accompaniment in a Carnatic music ensemble. A related instrument is the Kendang, played in Maritime Southeast Asia.

Mayavaram R. Vinoth – Mridangam Vidwan

+91 9962260784 (India number) – Contact over whatsapp

This musician has been accoladed as the Asthana Vidwan at the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham by Sri Jayendra saraswathi swamigal!

He usually plays in concerts and has been impacted during the pandemic (no concerts these days). He is now conducting Mridangam classes online (over Zoom calls).

If you are looking to learn an instrument or have your child learn an instrument during the pandemic, completely virtual over Zoom calls, can I request you to support this musician in the process by signing up for Mridangam classes online.

To all the percussionists who play drums, vibraphone, marimba, snare, bass and a variety of percussion instruments, can you try another instrument from a different country of origin..?

Can I request you to support this musician by trying at least one or two classes to support him during the pandemic! You can attend the classes from anywhere in the world! We are all virtually connected now!

Please share this article with your friends and family and encourage them to sign up for online classes.

If you have any difficulty contacting the India number above, write to us at learningthursdays01@gmail.com and we will connect you with them!

Look forward to posting about another entrepreneur or small business next week!

15 thoughts on “Local entrepreneurs series #4 – Mridangam classes

  1. My name is Prasanna, I am a hardware engineer based out of San Francisco. Start of pandemic, when the whole world was getting accustomed to staying at home and working from home, I was pretty stressed out and thought learning a persuasion instrument would be an ideal way to get over it. My wife is a bharthanatyam dancer and I found Vinoth sir through her music circle. At first I was apprehensive to start classes online as I thought it would be really tough to learn an instrument online afresh. But I thought I would give it a try and contacted Vinoth Sir. We decided to start off with 4 classes a week. We started from the very basics. All credits to him for never letting the fact that I was learning a new instrument on a virtual media bother me and soon my new found love to Mridangam grow multi folds. I soon found that 4 classes a week were not enough and we decided to increase the classes to 8 a week. In just 3 months I saw myself complete the basic lessons and move on to Adhi Thalam. Vinoth sir did not fast forward the process to just impress me or keep me hooked, he made sure I actually improve as Mridangam player before moving to a new lesson. My wife (who is a Bharthanatyam dancer like I mentioned earlier) keeps telling me on how the sounds from my Mridangam has drastically improved over a very short time. I complete owe this growth to my guru. Decided to learn a new instrument during a pandemic was best thing I did as this has been the best stress relief in these tough times.

    Vinoth Sir is one of the best teachers I have learnt under and an awesome human being. I am very happy to have found such a Guru in my life. I would definitely recommend him as a guru if you are looking to learn Mridangam. And learning a new instrument has no age limit (even if it is virtual) if you have a good guru and I am an example to this. Also feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  2. Hello everyone, I am Mohith, aged 15. I’m​ learning mridhangam for the past 2years with Guru MAYAVARAM VINOTH sir. I am very glad that the almighty had given him as my Guru. I’m​ so lucky.

    He is best guru who is very friendly and teaches everything he knows. His main motive was to make his students perform like him or even more than that!

    I am from a family background which is unknown for music as well as mridhangam. It’s Vinoth sir, who taught me everything about mridhangam and even many life skills! I just wanted to play mridhangam but he multiplied my interest and made me to choose mridhangam as one of my future career!

    He will attend my high level concert. In some of it I will go along with him. That further added my interest to the peak.

    Now, in this pandemic situation Classes are going through online. But still he provides his great skills through teaching. He is also a well experienced person in online teaching.

    I assure that you are such a lucky person to have him a guru like me! So with no more confusion join his classes!!!

  3. Hello guys! This is Shrikeshav. I am 13 years old. I am studying in 8th grade in the PSBB MILLENNIUM SCHOOL OMR. I am a humble disciple of Guru Mayavaram R. Vinoth sir. I have been learning mridhangam from the age of 5. Vinoth sir has been a very good mridhangam teacher for me. I have learnt a lot of things from him; not only mridhangam but also ideal values for life. He is an open minded guru who shares things with us freely. Due to the prevailing pandemic situation he is taking classes through online. The school online classes have been a mere headache for us…….but Vinoth sir takes the class in a simple way but in a very interesting manner. This was very helpful for me as it gives a relaxation for the mind and helped me to keep up with my studies too……This class and playing mridhangam is not only for children, but also for youngsters and adults. At first I had a small interest in playing mridhangam, but after I joined as his students, my interest grew and the desire to play mridhangam in concerts became more intense, and at one point, it become one of my hobbies and passion. I am delighted to be his student and feel honoured to write this comment on my Guru, Vinoth sir. In my experience of almost 8 years, he has been a very good teacher.
    Is Anyone interest in playing mridhangam?…… So why are you waiting??? Join Vinoth sir’s online class. It is rare to find a guru like this. This a great opportunity for many people……Don’t miss out!!!

  4. Hi everyone…!!!
    This is Aadhithya Krishnan from Chennai. I aged 15. I am very glad to say that I am one of the student of Mayavaram Vinoth Sir, out of his many. I feel it’s my great honour to address him as my Guru. Thanks to periyaval!Thanks to my Guru!

    He is the one who recognized my talent and interest in mridhangam. He taught me right from the basic lessons​and gradually increased my interest to the peak. It’s him, who made to extend my talent in mridhangam. He called me for even for special Classes and made me to play better. He tries to make his students learn whatever he knows. He will shower his knowledge to us. As he performed in many high level concert, and saw many stages, he has a great experience and knowledge and he will teach us all of it when we are about to stage!

    In this pandemic beginning stressed inside the house, playing mridhangam not only extend our knowledge in music but also act as stress Buster, and Even a great boost up for our studies.

    One should be so fortunate to and must be God’s favorite in order to be his disciple. He will make anyone learn mridhangam provided they must have interest in it. Don’t be in a dialoma. If you are really interested in playing mridhangam, and searching for a Guru, Join his online classes and be benefitted.

  5. Hello everyone.
    My name is Manikrishneshwar.S and I’m a senior student of Mayavaram Vinoth sir. I was born in Texas but am currently about to finish my schooling in India.
    I having been learning under his divine guidance for about 7 years now .I have even performed few small concerts , for school programs and also for AIR(All India Radio) and he has supported me through every step .
    I still remember my first day of class. My hands were so small I could barely reach both sides and struggled to keep a mridangam on my feet. I used to have a hard time understanding lessons but Vinoth sir taught me with extreme patience and motivated me to learn more. More than just a teacher he is also very friendly and I still remember playing games like cricket with him after classes.
    He has helped me reach such a high level that I can now understand lessons after hearing them once or twice and I owe it all to him.
    Even in the current pandemic situation it has been stressful times for everyone. Especially as a candidate appearing for public exams I am under a lot of stress. However when he takes classes virtually ,he helps me reduce my stress and just helps me have fun with the instrument . I am currently in 12 th grade so I might not be able to attend all classes so he conducts separate classes in my free time just for my sake and helps me learn more and more every time.
    I’m glad to have such a nice teacher and for anyone who wishes to learn mridangam ,close you eyes and approach him. I can guarantee that you won’t regret it.

  6. I am Hari Krishnan. I am studying in Eighth grade in BVM Global at BHS Chennai . I am learning mridangam for 6 years from Guru Mayavaram Vinoth sir. He is the one who taught me right from the basics. He uniquely Identify his students and teaches them by giving individual attention and also gave us the unique practice. That practice helped me to grasp the fingerings quickly. He is very dedicated and punctual in training his students. Apart from teaching,I have learnt many values from him like sincerity, time keeping, straight forwardness, truthfulness and many more. To be simple he will be kind, perfect and friendly in teaching.

    Once the pandemic situation began, he started online classes.This in a way helped us to engage in some activities when we are totally confined at home and no friends to meet and play. That also gave us a free and pleasant mind even though we are stressed up with school’s online classes. He also takes extra classes for the students who showed great interest in learning. When I joined I struggled even to keep the mridhangam on my leg. But with his guidance and continues practice made me now, to play better. I am really blessed to have him as my Guru.
    To show my gratitude to my guru, I am passing the details of my guru to friends and family, So that they are also benefited. Also it is a great opportunity to learn from a Guru who is fully dedicated his life to the art and music.

    He not only teach mridhangam for children, but for all age group people who are really interested. If you are interested in learning mirudhangam can reach him and he will surely take you to the greater heights!!!

    1. Sri Gurubhyo namah!
      I am Madhav Guru, 15 years old studying in class 10 at BVM GLOBAL @BHS Chennai.
      I was very interested in percussion from a very young age which made me lean into learning the mridangam.With God’s grace and blessings from elders, I began my musical journey under Mayavaram Sri R.Vinoth at the age of 7.
      During my initial days of learning mridangam I was very playful, but through the years because of my Guru’s patience and dedicated teaching, my learning turned consistent and eventually his passion for the artform instilled into me as well.
      My guru’s method of teaching and the efforts taken towards his student’s future by identifying their strengths and constantly encouraging us with exercises to sharpen our skills helped us in exploring the artform and learning better in the process. When he has given me the opportunity to play for concerts, the tips given by him came handy and feedback on the performance, enabled me on where to focus in the future
      With the help of his support and guidance, I recently participated in a national level competition conducted by SIFF young artiste and was qualified for the advanced round and came in the Top 10 @ state level and Top 25 @ national level. I am very grateful to my guru for his unconditional support that helped me achieve this level.
      The pandemic has been stressful on all of us, but his excellent online classes and his regular feedbacks, has kept my learning going inspite what was going on around me and was also a great stressbuster. I’m very grateful for it to be a part of my life
      My Regards and Pranaams to my guru!

  7. Om Sai Ram.
    My name is kamakshi varadarajan. age 72…
    I know Vinoth from his childhood..I was in Committee at All India Sai Samaj .Mylapore as Vice President…and Bhajan leader also for 20 years.. I noticed Vinoth from his childhood he was keen in Mrudangam..he was learning in Barathiya Vidya Bhavan,Mylapore….After school hours he used to do wonderful service at Sai Temple…he used to vist our house almost daily…I could see his interest in Mrudangam..in which he has come to a great level in this young age…I am proud of him ..he will deftly comeup to a high level in future. My wholehearted best wishes to him..I pray Baba for long/happy/healthy life.

    Now I am settled at NJ. USA….still I have contact with him thru wattsapp. I always advice him to be sincere and dedicative in his work .All the best Vinoth. .

  8. Thank you Learning Thursday for such posts we were able to do a demo session and planning for our classes from January…. thank you so if for your patience and understanding too 😊gratitudes !!! Thank you to Shanthi for introducing me to this 🙏🏻

  9. Hello my name is Eshwar and I’m 20 years old. I’m in my 3rd year of college right now. I was born in Michigan, although Ive lived in Chennai, India for the past 13 or so years. I have been learning mirudangam under Vinoth sir for quite a while now – more than 6 years. And I can tell you without a doubt that he’s one of the best teachers around. His classes are extremely enjoyable and what he teaches is clear and understandable. He also initiates friendly competition as to improve our lessons by giving us somewhat of a challenge. He’s helped me play in many events both in school and for private organisations.
    Apart from that, in stressful times like these, with the aggressive lockdowns and whatnot, I suggest you, to take up an art form as it is extremely relieving of stress. It has helped me during these isolation phases and I assure you that it will help you as well.
    Take care and thanks for reading.

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