Teachers learn from every student interaction

Every student is different! Sharing a personal experience that made my day and what I learned through the same!

Over the past few months, have had the opportunity to interact with many students across age groups. I truly believe that every student has their strengths and as long as we tap into it, it makes the greatest connection between a student and a teacher!

Today, I had the opportunity to witness a student engaging to learn. His interest and inquisitiveness to learn (on a Zoom call of course) was contagious. Left us with such a feeling of satisfaction that made the whole effort worthwhile! We could feel the connections being made in his mind and the his confidence level improve! Made my day 🙂

Teachers thrive for this feeling of satisfaction when teaching students. And today marked one such day where we felt the satisfaction of being in this profession!

Happiness is seeing the smile on the student’s face when their minds have made the connection as they learn!

While the student learned something new and crossed a milestone, it was true that I learned much more from it!

  1. Tapping into the student’s inquisitiveness is key
  2. Making them feel like they are stretching just a little bit and able to reach a bit higher is a great motivator
  3. Making them emulate their thought process freely with the teacher needs a lot of trust
  4. Teaching students and making them learn need very different skills
  5. A smiling teacher is much better than a grumpy one (yes.. you can say so about the students as well)

What have you observed and how have you felt – both as a teacher and as a student? Look forward to hearing your views!

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