DIY projects around the house are worth learning

Given that most of us around the world are working remotely, the amount of time we spend at home has increased. Use and wear & tear of home appliances and services have also increased. It seems to be worthwhile to learn how to do some of the home projects in a DIY (Do It Yourself) mode.

There are so many appliances and services we seem to be using while all of us are staying at home for double or triple the time compared to 2019 or earlier! Calling a Handyman for almost every single task can be quite expensive – and also these days, experts and licensed professionals seem to be mandated for many more home projects. Listing some of them below that can be useful to learn – if not as an additional source of income – but just to save a few hundred dollars (during the pandemic).

some DIY Projects around the house

  1. How to unclog the garbage disposal
  2. Cleaning the dishwasher
  3. Painting a room (or home – trust me, prep work takes more time than actual painting!
  4. Fixing loose pipes
  5. Cracking doors
  6. Designing a landscape / yard
  7. Pruning shrubs
  8. Grouting tiles
  9. Powerwashing
  10. Installing Thermostats
  11. Tiling a floor
  12. Polishing kitchen cabinets
  13. Cleaning windows
  14. Building shelves
  15. Assembling furniture
  16. Mowing a lawn

If you need a few services, it is easier to get handyman to get the job done! If you seem to need most of it, you need to get an extra job to afford the handyman these days 🙂 So, learning how to do simple projects like the above help!

Learning a DIY skill to help fix stuff around the house helps!

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