Face can hint your health

It is true that looking at one’s face, we can generally get a hint about their health. Some of the organs and systems in the body are connected to parts of the face!

Inflammation, rashes, excessive acne, eczema rashes, redness etc on any part of the face can indicate some inflammation / discomfort in the specific internal organ. Take a look at the face and get a quick clue and treat it before it gets worse!

For example: Swollen upper lip / cuts / rashes on it indicate a bacterial infection or some inflammation in your stomach. While you can apply coconut oil or a lip balm to treat the sores or use a chapstick, if it continues beyond 24 hours, you can try to mix turmeric and water to make a paste and apply it on your lips. Turmeric is known to cure bacterial infections.

If the tip of nose is swollen, it is time to take some rest.

The ends of the eyebrows will be shorter, less dense for those who have thyroid imbalance.

You get the gist… While we do not rush to the doctor every other day, small symptoms like these can be treated at home by using simple remedies. Shared what has worked for me, especially when dealing with children to check their overall health and make course corrections through their diet or hygenic habits.

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