Turmeric Milk

There are many benefits of Turmeric and knowing how to have it makes a big difference. When children have a cough or cold, it is usual for a mother to give them Turmeric milk.

I did the same last week. My children went to school and discussed about it and their friends told them that it was not unusual and their parents also give them the same 🙂 What a solace!

Coincidentally, I visit a temple and meet an older friend over there, and get to discussing about turmeric milk. From her experience, she shares the right way to make turmeric milk.

Boil milk (1 cup) on the stove, and while boiling add 2 pinches of turmeric and 2-3 black pepper powdered and sugar to taste. These have to be boiled and then cooled and then served.

  1. Adding turmeric to the boiling milk is important
  2. Adding black pepper to the turmeric while boiling eases absorption by the body

She wished someone had told her the benefits of having it much earlier in life, then she would have had the chance to ease some of her conditions. She said

Women benefit from drinking turmeric milk from their 40s, as it has multiple health benefits. Helps their bone and muscle health, reduces depression, reduces risks in reproductive organs and helps ease menopause symptoms.

Surprised at the coincidence and kindness with which the advice was shared, felt it was important to share it with others who can benefit from the same.

My mind starts connecting the dots… I was reminded of a grandfather (distant relative), who was active even in his 80s, drove his car, swam an hour, walked to the local farmers market to get groceries, woke up early morning and exercised an hour every morning. He was more fit than those in their 30s. He used to have the habit of chewing 1/4 inch of fresh raw turmeric every morning. Routine and exercise give us the stamina, but eating right things (and knowing what to eat) keeps us retain our health, both mentally and physically.

I realized, it is time to blend this habit into my routine.

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