Bioluminescence in Beaches

Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. (Fireflies is the first thing that comes to mind :)) There are places on earth that have an abundance of organisms like fish, bacteria, fungi, jellies etc (mostly sea creatures) that are bioluminescent (emit light – similar to glow-in-the-dark). I have always been fascinated by the concept and was amazing to see the different places that have bioluminescent bays across the world!

1. Toyoma Bay, Japan: Known for its firefly squid

Firefly squid
Wow 🙂
Night view

2. Maldives bioluminescent beaches

The beach leaves a sea of stars effect!
Dawn and Dusk at Maldives

3. Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico

See the effect of the sea animals lighting up
Jelly fish emitting light in the night

Comparing it with Bioluminescence on land (the yellow-green colors on the picture below are fireflies). They can be found in abundance in places where there are dense forests, trees or wooded areas with thick vegetation or in backyards of suburban living!

Have you ever held a firefly in your hands? How did you feel?

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