Home remedies – Mustard oil

This is something I learned from my in-laws. The benefits of using mustard oil for massaging. Found it to be very helpful when my children were toddlers.

Children up to 5 years of age are in the process of building their immunity and resistance power. When they fall sick frequently, it becomes tough for parents to continue to give them strong anti-biotics to make them feel better. So, tending to simple home remedies and kitchen remedies to help them is an easier route taken by mothers:)

Children typically have a fever, followed by vomiting or diarrhea, or cold and cough leading to congestion, wheezing and list continues. Fever is a symptom that should not be suppressed. It shows that the body is fighting something.

Applying mustard oil in two different ways helps reduce the above mentioned condition in children (also in adults :))

When the child has a fever, diarrhea, vomiting – that means the body has been heated up significantly. Take a few drops of mustard oil and mix it with water in your palm. The mixture will turn to a gel / sticky consistency. Apply this to the child’s stomach, back, palms and soles of feet. The fever should come down and child starts feeling better soon.

On the contrary, when a child has congestion, cold and finds it hard to breathe, apply a few drops of mustard oil on the chest and upper back, soles of feet and palms. Do not mix with water and apply, just drops of mustard oil alone.

Use it as a quick home remedy. As always, if symptoms last more than 24-48 hours, it is good to consult a physician.

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