Music heals the soul

During fall and winter months, the tendency to feel sad and low is common around the world!

One common theme that we find across cultures during this time is… musical concerts!

Try to observe the plays, theater performances, music concerts, famous singers and troops making world tours are all high.

Be they Christmas carols where people sing in front of every house in the evenings, or Indian traditional musical bhajans that are sung in the early morning hours, or the day long themed concerts that happen all around, music and performances during this time definitely do rejuvenate our minds!

We need that extra boost of positivity, especially during the chilly mornings or evenings, to fight our sadness from within and create that sense of satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness from within.

However frustrating your situation is, however hopeless you may feel, music is the one thing that can lift you up!

Reminded of the The Shawshank redemption musical piece

Every city, school and local community have a multitude of events during this season! Try to make time and attend them! While you might have supported the local community events, you will feel rejuvenated at the end!

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