Learning about Narayaneeyam

A beautiful composition of Lord Mahavishnu in his various incarnations, the image comes to mind of Guruvayoorappan 🙏With a power to heal, this literary composition has an interesting story behind why and how it was written.

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Prayers for families recovering

Many of our friends and families have been impacted and are trying to recover from the same! Being far away, we will be able to put in our best efforts and pray for them!

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Colors and their healing properties

The basic colors of the rainbow also have healing properties. The colors we choose to wear, the colors we paint our rooms seem to not only convey our personality, they also can help us establish balance in our mind and body. Same is true with foods as well. It was interesting to correlate the same.

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Toothache and swollen gums – Home remedies

To those who have cavities in their teeth, they are used to tooth aches and pains. Swollen gums can be caused due to multiple resasons. Sharing some of the tips that has worked for me over years.

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Tesla, Chladni and Yantras

“If you want to learn the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration – Nikola Tesla”. This statement piqued my curiosity and I started looking at whether it was actually possible to scientifically exhibit a connection.. was amazed at what I found!

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Energy centers across the world

When we visit places known for their scenic beauty, huge landscapes, beautiful rivers, glaciers, mountains and volcanoes, we return with a sense of satisfaction and peace! The scenaries and landscapes make us feel one with nature and we feel re-energized. I felt a quiet kind of peace when I visited Yellowstone and Sedona and wondered how it compared to the places of worship… I got curious and tried to understand more about it. Sharing what I learned in the process..!

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How can I live longer?

A million-dollar question that all of us would have thought about at least once in life! Although thoughts about it used to come, there never was a clear answer ever. However, one of the lectures by someone knowledgeable about Vedas and Puranas seemed to hint an answer. It was an interesting perspective and not about the environment or lifestyle, and it made me wonder about our existence and the purpose behind it. Sharing what I learned thus far…

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Frozen shoulder

There have been times when I have felt like I could not lift my arms and my neck and shoulders felt like they were stiff. So stiff that I needed to get to the emergency room right away! I have felt this a few times in life.. so, sharing how to get yourself off of the discomfort!

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Skin diseases, Stress and books

Few years back, one of my family members had a persistent rash that slowly had developed into scars on their skin. What started on the palm started spreading to hands, arms and shoulders! We visited the Urgent care, physician normal visit and then after a month, were sent to the Dermatologist. Learned something invaluable over there!

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Fingers and Chakra connection

In the previous post about Health in our Hands, I would have discussed about how the different body organs are connected to different parts of the palm and how massaging your palms helps heal some of the distressed organs / small ailments. I was intrigued when my colleague spoke about a technique used by Japanese.

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