Energy centers across the world

When we visit places known for their scenic beauty, huge landscapes, beautiful rivers, glaciers, mountains and volcanoes, we return with a sense of satisfaction and peace! The scenaries and landscapes make us feel one with nature and we feel re-energized. I felt a quiet kind of peace when I visited Yellowstone and Sedona and wondered how it compared to the places of worship… I got curious and tried to understand more about it. Sharing what I learned in the process..!

We have an enormous set of landmarks in the form of national parks that are brimming with high energy levels and have been classified as spiritual places as well. Yellowstone national park in USA, Machu Pichu in Peru, Bosnian pyramids and Himalayas are some of them, where the energy levels and the kind of healing effect it has on your body and mind varies. Everyone comes back with a feeling of being re-energized. The more the closer to the sea level, the more physical the energy vibrations, the more higher than the sea level, the more higher order mental vibrations.

Now, a place of worship (of any religion) is one place where our ancestors arrived at an extraordinary channeling of cosmic and earth energies, blending them perfectly in harmony with the laws of creation. The individual in such an environment spontaneously vibrates in harmony with these forces of creation and feels the power, the force, the peace, the harmony and what we call the presence, the divinity.

Surprisingly, every religion expects people to visit places of worship – days of the week differ, but underlying expectation remains the same. Maybe, these practices came into play to help us get re-energized by visiting the high energy places.

3. Stonehenge: Also known as one of the high energy zones in the world, its waters are especially known to have a healing effect. The Earths inner water which is pure, divine and beneficial to one’s overall being.
There is a direct beam of energy (as shown above) that rises higher and scientists are trying to research about the beam, electromagnetic radiations and its healing effects.
National parks across the world
Biodiversity zones and protected areas across the world

There seems to be some some correlation between national parks, energy levels, and biodiversity in these zones. Now, I feel like traveling to all these places 🙂

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