Skin diseases, Stress and books

Few years back, one of my family members had a persistent rash that slowly had developed into scars on their skin. What started on the palm started spreading to hands, arms and shoulders! We visited the Urgent care, physician normal visit and then after a month, were sent to the Dermatologist. Learned something invaluable over there!

As the skin condition was getting worse, we were not able to perform the normal activities around the house. Dermatologist appointments usually take time, however as we were referred by Urgent care, we got one within two weeks 🙂

We met the Dermatologist, a warm and nice person, who was patiently listening to all the issues and concerns, diagnosed the rashes, looked at the previous medication, ran a quick test and came up with a diagnosis and a suggested course of treatment.

Then she said, “Remember this for life! All your skin diseases are a manifestation of your stress, fear and worries. Calm your mind, meditate and let things be. If you want to confirm, try to remember what you were dealing with in life when you had similar symptoms earlier in life”. We were shocked at this response. She then went ahead and recommended a set of books to read. It would help us not to worry about whatever we are dealing with in life to a very large extent! These are the books that were suggested

She then said, “If you are unable to get ANY of these books, in Hindu culture there is a book called Bhagavad Gita.. you must know about it! You should try reading that. It would calm you down and get rid of your worries”.

We came outside, realizing how much we needed to hear it from an American Doctor about the benefits of reading Bhagavad Gita! We went for a skin rash consultation, we learned about how it was connected to stress and how it connected back to calming our mind and reading books… well the universe does have a way to connect the dots 🙂 It was a moment of realization for all of us.

Three months later, no rashes in hand, dark scars that had formed and increased in size had also disappeared. Changes we made: Took a vacation and visited holy places of worship, worked out a resolution to deal with our stressful scenario, took out the Bhagavad Gita to read!

If you or your family member has ever had a skin rash, think about the stress you / they were dealing with in their lives at that juncture! You can connect the dots and prevent more such outbreaks!

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