Native American Arrowhead and Indian Vel

Few years back, had the opportunity to visit Grand Canyon and Four corners. It was nice to see the unique place where four states meet in United States. There are native american stalls selling unique goods over there. It was interesting to see how some of their artifacts had a significant resemblance to Indian culture.

After taking family pictures and individual solos of all of us standing in all the four sides of the states (it was exciting to see children lie down and do snow angels on the four states as well :)), we proceeded to visit the stalls. Each of us decided to go to different stalls and get the items we like and meet in 10 minutes. As there was no rush and we could all see each other, it felt safe!

My children came back with Arrowheads and started sharing stories about how it would act as a protection against evil forces. One needs to keep the arrowhead in their wallet or pocket or bag or wear it in a chain around their neck! Native americans had explained the details about how one can wear it for protection and gaining courage. It helps in overall spiritual growth as well!

Different types of arrowheads

We were pleasantly surprised to see the similarity in the structure of the arrowhead, its purpose and modes of wearing it comparing it to the Indian culture.

One Vel design, made thin and easy to carry in the purse – used for courage and protection in Southern India
The energized 5 metal vel is typically used in temples held by God Karthikeya (aka God Muruga)

The wide, long and sharp arrowhead (aka Vel) signifies incisive discrimination (between good and evil) and spiritual knowledge, which must be broad, deep and penetrating! Those who are looking for courage and protection against evil effects typically pray and carry this in their wallets or pockets or bags, or even wear them in their accessories.

My mind started reaching out to see how small beliefs like these can be common between native americans and Indians (especially in the South).. interesting to see how knowing about culture brings out the harmony in perspectives 🙂

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