Snack recipes – #7 Pani puri

A tasty mouthwatering Indian snack that is loved by all age groups!

The beauty of having a pani puri (a.k.a Gol gappa, or puchka) from a road side vendor has its own charm.

One of my friends shared that the best way to see how much stress one can handle is to have one pani puri in your mouth, one dripping in your hand, one waiting in your bowl in hand and another waiting to be served on your hand plate by the vendor 🙂 Truly a stressful situation!!! Eating it though is a huge stress buster!

When served on a plate it looks like this below!

Pani puri

Deep fried crispy balls that are hollow inside are filled with sweet, sour, crispy, tangy, stuffing inside like Pani puri masala (a variation of mint+coriander chutney), tamarind-date sauce, boiled potatoes, boiled chickpeas mashed with chat masala, salt, chopped onions and chopped coriander leaves and hot sauce. Fill the balls and pop them into your mouth.

Aah.. Yumm…!

The way it is served in roadside stalls looks like this…

Puris pre-filled without the liquids, served with the combination of liquids in the middle of the platter!

Some add curd to it as well, making them Dahi puri

Loved this fabstreats recipe – the way it is served makes it even more appealing..!

Every jar has a different tasting liquid to fill into your puris..!

Am reminded of old times when I watch this video of a pani puri road side stall..!

Some street foods retain their charm & hold a special place in our hearts 🙂 This is one of them!

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