Health benefits of eating on a silver plate

I used to think these are for rich people, but a few incidents in my life made me change my perspective!

As a working mother, you want the best for your kids. The best food that money can possibly buy… so, when I was a new mom, and when my kids started eating solid food, I started experimenting!

I had to send them to a daycare and ended up needing to pack a lunch bag. Somehow, every mom’s creativity is tapped when they pack their children’s lunch 🙂

My toddler’s lunch bag used to have

A muffin, Pediasure, Apple juice, Black raisins, small grapes, salad tomatoes, fries, Hashbrowns, nuggets, cup of yoghurt, mixed vegetables, bread/toast with butter or as a sandwich.

When they return home for dinner – some mixed vegetable rice with legumes and yoghurt before they go to bed.

I took pride in the way I used to set their lunch bag 🙂 To my satisfaction…!

Every other week, I used to take my toddler to my pediatrician, as he used to have a cough, cold or runny nose. After about six months of treating him regularly with antibiotics and getting him to recover, my pediatrician called me aside one day and told me…

Pediatrician words of advice:

I know that you are an excellent mother. As a parent, you do not need to give the child the best possible things that are available around. You need to get the child to start eating the normal food that you and your family are used to eating. Do not treat your toddler any different from all of you. Give him the same food and leftovers that you are all used to eating.

I started my toddler on a normal diet and switched to what we are used to eating – rice, legumes, veggies etc. He enjoyed those as well. The frequency of his sick visits started decreasing. It was no longer thrice a month visit to the pediatrician. It was once in a month or two. Great improvement.

When fall and winter started, Asthma and steam inhaling became a common thing for 2-3 years. It used to be hard to wade through those months, with the fear of whether he might find it hard while sleeping. As a mom, staying awake during the night became a habit.

My mother saw this habit when I visited her place with kids. She suggested

Mother’s suggestion:

Serve food on a silver plate (hot food) for the kids. Rice, daals, veggies, fried doughs, whatever I make, serve it on the silver plate and set a timing for 15-20 minutes to complete the meal, before the food goes totally cold.

I did not understand why this was important, but when mom’s say something that benefits your kids, you just follow 🙂 I did the same.

Silver plate set

That winter passed, no asthma or steam inhaling was necessary. Next winter passed, no asthma or breathing issues. Somehow, after two years – I forgot to remember his condition during fall/winter seasons. After 3-4 years, I stopped serving food on the silver plate regularly.

Whenever someone gets a cold at home, the next few meals would be eaten on a silver plate and then, it gets better.

I remember for children in India, mothers and grandmothers serve food in a silver bowl and realized how beneficial these cultural habits have been to help us sustain our health!

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    1. Thank you Padmaja… glad that you do the same! Sometimes, it is better to follow our cultural nuances and then figure out how it benefits over the long run, as we would not have the time to figure it out and convince ourselves to follow the same without having the experience!

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