Shivaratri – Sahasra lingam

Sahasra means thousand in Sanskrit. Sahasra lingam means one thousand Shiva lingams built into one main Shiva lingam 🙏🏻

Had shared the different symbols associated with Shivaratri in my last year’s post, including a Kashmiri perspective. Read more about it ->

This quiz about Jyothirlinga sthalas (places) in India triggered very many discussions and opened many doors

Some of the Sahasra Lingam temples in India

Sahasra lingam at Tirunelveli – Thirpudaimaruthur temple

Sahasra Linga temple at Chittoor

Sahasra Linga at Kolanupaka temple in Telengana

Sahasra Linga temple at Hyderabad, Telengana

Sahasra Lingam in Parashurameshwar temple in Bhuvaneshwar

Sahasra Lingam in Selaiyur, Tamil nadu

It is indeed a rare opportunity to be able to see Sahasra lingam, meditate, pray or perform abhishekam on Maha Shivaratri 🙏🏻 Om Namah Sivaya 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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  1. Learnt some thing new! Thanks for your beautiful post 🙏🕉Happy Mahashivaratri!

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