Popcorn flavors

Although hot popcorn tastes best during a cold fall or winter evening, it tastes equally good in a movie theater as well! Sharing some of the popcorn flavors that are good to try!

Regular buttery popcorn (Movie theater style)

Good to eat any day! The satisfaction of eating popcorn is best with a regular buttery popcorn!

Caramel popcorn

Anyone with a sweet tooth would love this flavor!

Masala Popcorn

Add a bit of Indian chaat masala, lemon powder & salt! Tastes great!

Chocolate Caramel drizzle

For all those chocolate and caramel lovers!

The name says it all.. 🙂

Chocolate Peanut butter Drizzle

For the peanut butter lovers… Yes.. drizzle your popcorn with melted chocolate and peanut butter and enjoy!

Cinnamon & white chocolate Swirl

Mix cinnamon powder with melted white chocolate and drizzle it over your caramel popcorn! Tastes delicious!

Maple & Brown sugar Swirl

Mix Maple with brown sugar (yes.. like in the oatmeal flavor) and drizzle it over your buttered popcorn! Yum!

Coco Choco Swirls

For the coconut lovers – Roasted shredded coconut bits mixed with melted chocolate and drizzled over popcorn!

Nutty popcorn

Popcorn tastes good with a nutty crunch as well! Add your own flavors of glazed nuts to your caramel or chocolate popcorn!

Rainbow popcorn

Explosion of colors.. perfect for a kids party 🙂

Did you know?

Normal corn kernels look like these below!


Strawberry corn kernels look like these below!

Strawberry popcorn grow as red kernels and when cooked still turns out as white popcorn 🙂

Whether you make it at home or gift it to a friend, or taste the local samplers, the experience is always memorable!

Popcorn samplers do make great gifts!

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