Gods, Nature and Culture

While reading the world history text books with my children, realize the similarities that exist across ancient cultures. Egyptians, Romans, Indians, Chinese, Greek had something common identified in them. Sharing what I have learned thus far..!

There are Gods for all the elements of nature across ancient cultures. Praying and showing respects to nature was common.

  • God of Heavens
  • God of Thunder
  • God of Fire
  • God of Seas
  • God of Wisdom
  • God of Love
  • God of Death
  • God of Music and Poetry
  • God of Plants and medicinal herbs
  • … and many more
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The way each of their characterization is portrayed – when they get angry, when they are happy, how to please them, how to pray have a lot of similarities.

Till much later, these colonies of people who are now so different, did not even get to meet each other. Their dressing sense had some differences. Their levels of expertise on building, architecture, glass making, utensils, sanitary needs were varying. If they had met, there would have been some best practices shared. That was not the case! Then, how did a concept as abstract as God become so easily similar.

When we are in isolation, when we need to protect our families, we tend to first take care of our home, ensure food and clothing exists and show gratitude when we receive help. This expression of gratitude to nature was the common thread that helped them preserve nature, respect it and treat it like God. When you respect someone or something, and show gratitude to them or it, the positive vibrations (positivity feelings) expand the benefits. Like, saying good things to a tree will help it grow and bad things around it make it die.

Preserving nature was something that was passed down across generations through culture. Somehow, somewhere we seem to be needing to seed the ‘gratitude’ and ‘preservation’ aspect back in our children.

Our minds with their journeys will tend to figure out whether we leverage it by respecting nature and showing gratitude or by other means. I tried thinking of other ways and means for something that would last more than 2 generations (something that is not a technology advancement but something that would help us live well on earth), and could not think of anything that would last even 4-5 generations! Amazed by their wisdom and long term thinking and ability to connect with Nature 🙂

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